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The Sima Teb Medical Clinic and Laser Center is the only professional center in Mashhad in which advanced medical services are provided in the field of the treatment of dermatological disease and reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. This center, for the first time, was established in the holy city of Mashhad with the participation of some of the most experienced and leading dermatologists and plastic and vascular surgeons of Khorasan and Tehran and by using the most modern and reliable equipment and devices.

1. The participation of about 40 experienced dermatologists and beauty, the specialist in plastic surgery, vascular surgeons and faculty members were the scientific and practical support, not only in the east region but also in the whole county.
2. All medical services, such as initial consultation, different types of laser operations, surgery, hair transplantation,injection of filler materials and lipo injection are exclusively provided by specialists.
3. This center is equipped with the most reliable and best Laser devices and diagnostic and therapeutic equipment which are approved by the FDA and CE of Europe and the Iran Ministry of Health in respect of the highest safety standard and technology.
4. Special attention to the health of patients and visitors and the observance of the medical center approval, which are confirmed by the Iran Ministry of Health are the main objective of this center in choosing and providing functional materials and equipment.

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