Ringtones Huawei

Ringtones Huawei

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This application provides you with a super nice ringtones, a variety of fresh sound effects
you can easily set a variety of ringtones , notification ringtones, Alarms ringtones

This application is completely free.

Elegant tones and fashionable design
download this free app now and get the latest and most phone ringtones


● Rapid consecutive taps. Spam 💨 with no fear. The application uses async
●callbacks to trigger sounds
●Mute button 🔇 to stop the Sound Player
●Particles on tap 👇. Ringtone is powered with a particle system that gives your taps ●✨ swag. Can be disabled.
●Mark Ringtone as favorites ❤️
●Set Ringtone as ringtone, notification or alarm tone 🔔
●Indexable. Search the Ringtone you are looking for, without scrolling lists 🔍
●Categorized. Ringtone are grouped into categories 📜 for easier and quicker ●experience. Just click the drawer icon or just swipe to see the categories. Supports RTL
●Customisable. Colorize the entire application using the color picker. Choose a color ●from the given material color palette 🎨 that is located at the bottom of the drawer
*Press to turn on the tone
*Pressing long appears settings
* Set a ringtone Setting a tone Displays a little bar on the bottom of the activity with
an OK button that will open a so called permission management Screen

This application is compatible with most devices and can be used for ringtones or notifications or alarms

Already tested: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy s8 S6, HTC, Moto X, LG G6 and Sony Ericsson, XIAOMI, our phone tones are suitable for most Android ™

App design and code copyright Accept approval for publication xtonousou

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