Fire Flying Dragon Simulator Warrior Sky Rider 3D

Fire Flying Dragon Simulator Warrior Sky Rider 3D

Version 1.1
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Fire Flying Dragon Simulator Warrior Sky Rider 3D is a game where you play as a dragon. You can pick from several levels, after you complete level you gain experience to get higher dragon level. Then you can customise dragon or buy different one. Discover exciting islands and mountains. Rule the sky and live life as a legendary Dragon Rider. Fight other threatening beasts such as ogres and orcs to reclaim your territory. Blast massive fireballs and scorching flame pillars to incinerate your enemies and rain down destruction on unsuspecting human and orc kingdoms.

Your dragon is free to fly through a massive open world of floating islands in the sky. Swoop down and strike terror into the citizens of the Earth. Archers and knights will try to save their lifes. Attack and terrorize this medieval town.

Live the full cycle of legendary beast's life - from little wyrmling to the giant mighty Great Wyrm. Feel what it’s really like to be a dragon. Ever dreamed about a dragon? These fantastic and powerful creatures are so exciting that almost everyone would like to have them. Become a mighty colorful dragon, explore fantastic lands of fantasy world.

Earn points for successfully completed quests and missions and customize your powerful dragon as you wish. Become a gorgeous fire-breathing beast with a lot of abilities and skills. Fight with different monsters, predators and humans.

- Beautiful Landscapes
- Awesome stunning HD Graphics
- Realistic Mountains & Islands
- Incredible flying fire dragons
- Simple & Easy touch based controls
- Mesmerizing medieval 3D graphics
- Fantastically colorful and realistic dragon simulator
- Interesting fantasy world missions and quests
- Chance to customize your flying beast

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