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If you are looking for your "business boom" and the benefits of "buying cheaper" or "selling more", install this app.

We all know that having a site alone and its technical management is difficult and costly, so having a free shop at the wholesaler, you can use professional facilities for your business, and buyers can also profit from wholesalers' purchases. To make
By signing up for an app or wholesaler site ( and downloading your own free store, publish or sell your products for free in the app.
Protecting consumer rights and business prosperity is our goal ...
Even home-based businesses, handicrafts, and products that are not legally prohibited can buy and sell online through a professional sales store.
* Sellers and holders of telegraphic channels who seek a fixed position for the insertion and sale of their products can use these facilities.
With professional features and easy to publish on social networks

Wholesalers supporting Iranian goods

Thanks to the friend of all the Iranians, the cafebazaar

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