Number Blink 2 Remember Number

Number Blink 2 Remember Number

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New Version Number Blink 4 available! Search 'gwolabs' in Google Play.

How good is your blink or short term memory?
Can you memorize a number at a glance?
You can by using this app to improve your short term and photographic memory.

A number is displayed for a very short time.
Remember the number.
Input the number
Get all correct 5 times to automatically increase the number of digits.

Number of digits span from 4 to 30 digits.

There are different ways to play:
1. Normal mode - numbers are displayed longer
2. Super mode - for more advanced players. Display time is half of Normal mode
3. Custom mode - you set the display time
4. Timed mode - total elapsed display time. Compete with others or yourself.

gwolabs formerly gwofoundry

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