Wild Angry Lion Adventure 2020

Wild Angry Lion Adventure 2020

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Welcome to Wild Angry Lion Adventure 2020.Attack,hunt and eat African jungle animal. Strike your enemies tear apart their homes and give them a deadly battle they will never forget. Take care of your clan and your family cub from cruel and dangerous hunter in this online real sim quest game.Protect your kingdom by being the biggest carnivorous cat and start hunting down the streets and peoples who wants to hunt you down by sniper.Be True king of wilderness and save wild life from shooting down from hunters and unleash your super flying rage in this free Games.

Features of

Ultimate Furious Sabertooth vs Safari Cheetah Simulator

1) Amazing 3d Graphics
2) Amazing Sound Effects
3) Human Vs Animals Fight
4) Easy and Smooth Controls
5) Full Action Packed Game Play
6) Great and Perfect Animations
7) Amazing Survival RPG winter hunting missions.
8) Multiple beautifull environments like City,village and snow environment.
9) Thrilling and adventures Fight with savanna animals like white Tiger,cougar,cecil lion, leopard, puma and many more.
360 Gaming Studio is not Affiliated in any way with other animals or simulation games developed by other companies.

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