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Datally is a smart app by Google that helps you save, manage, and share your mobile data.

On average, people save 21 percent of their mobile data—that’s like using data Monday to Thursday, and having Friday covered by Datally.

More data for the apps you care about.
DATA SAVER - Save mobile data by blocking background data and unwanted notifications. You can block background data for some apps and allow for others.
BEDTIME MODE - Automatically turn off mobile data at night.
EMERGENCY BANK - Save a little data for later in case you need it.

See which apps use the most data and control overall usage.
DATA USAGE INSIGHTS - Learn more about your data usage including usage history, trends over time, and per-app usage.
BUBBLE - Stay in control by seeing real-time data usage while using your apps.
DAILY LIMIT - Set a daily cap for how much data you can use.

Give data to friends and family.
TRACK HOTSPOT - Set a limit for the amount of data your friends can use from your hotspot. Get a reminder or just turn the hotspot off when the limit is reached.
GUEST MODE - Limit the amount of data friends or family can use when they borrow your phone.

Datally requests certain permissions to help you get the most out of your mobile data, including:
Phone - Used to help you monitor your phone’s mobile data usage. Datally doesn’t make or receive phone calls on your behalf.
VPN - Datally sets up a local Virtual Private Network (VPN) service on your device to block unwanted mobile data usage - it doesn’t send any of your app usage data through Google’s servers. The Datally VPN is only on your phone and doesn’t redirect your Internet traffic to any other servers or locations.

Download Datally to start saving.


● New Hotspot Tracking - Set a limit on the amount of data shared by hotspot
● Bubble Tracker - Switch between viewing data usage by app and per day


  • add or remove accounts
  • find accounts on the device
  • control vibration
  • measure app storage space
  • read phone status and identity
  • draw over other apps
  • update component usage statistics
  • retrieve running apps
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • run at startup
  • toggle sync on and off
  • read sync settings
  • view network connections
  • full Internet access
  • access Google web-based services

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