Mechanic Professional Show (Auto)

Mechanic Professional Show (Auto)

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🏆🏆Complete comprehensive auto parts + Car diagnostics + General car training + Automotive training videos خودرو (() (In the professional mechanics program (automotive) () 🌟🌟🌟🌟🚘🚘🚘🚘

New version of the program :: t 11/12/1396 .... Fixes all problems reported in the program ... Increasing the program graphics and quality of the photo and fixing the text problem .. Added training in repairing and identifying parts ... and movies Applications in the program ..... Be sure to update ......

♻💯 For all ages ((Students + Students + and the general public who have cars) 🚩🚩🚩
Using this program, you can increase the level of your technical information in various parts of the car and for minor problems do not go to the repair shop and save money.
Become a professional mechanical mechanic ... Need something for the same program Learn so much .....
🔵 It does not matter what your car is, because it includes all the problems you encounter in any car
Some parts of the Professional Mechanical Scholar Program ::: »» »🚩🚩🚩
✔ A complete study of vehicle parts visually
✔ Learn, repair and troubleshoot your car and ask questions and answers about your car's problems
✔ General Automotive and Automotive Studies
✔ The training videos of the vehicle are simple and seamless to learn and train parts and work vehicles
The best instructors and methods of automation in the mechanics of skilled work are simple and fluid, and video and text about the product and parts and problems of the car with the training videos in a program.

Includes the features and settings of the program included .. Searching for the topics of the program .. Expanding the posts and magnifying the photo and changing the writing pen and ..........

🚨 Only once purchased the program will release all locked-out keys and will download for free and update for free.
🚨 Made with personal experience and professors of the university and repairers and the best Iranian sites 🚨
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🚫 App Updates You can send us comments and suggestions for future releases

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