Porsche Racing Racing

Porsche Racing Racing

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This game is one of the top rallies produced to date, which has been very careful in driving skills. The game has gained many popularity on various platforms including PC and PlayStation.
♥ A very nice and graphic environment
♥ With the ability to play games by category
♥ Exciting and puzzling adventures
♥ With exciting and challenging stages

Guide :
Fullscreen game
Some phones may have black bars around the game. To use the full screen of the phone, follow the route below.
Enter the settings section at the top of this page --- In the settings section on the screen - Click the proportions of the screen and in the opened part dragged - Select --- With the back button, exit the settings to change. Save it Now Playing Full Screen and Without Black Margins.
Save the game
In this program you will be able to save the game at any place and then continue to play the game. Follow the path below.
After entering the game, click on the menu button (on the handsets that do not have the menu button on the back button) - from the menu that opens up - save the game - select - then in one of the locations shown, save the game Make a difference.
Set the sound of the game
If the sound of the game is a problem and there is an additional noise, you can follow the path below to correct it.
Enter the settings section at the top of this page --- In the Sound settings section - Sound Quality - Click one of the three options and go back to the game. If the problem still exists, go back to the same path and another option. To be selected

Virtual keys
In some games, you need to press both keys simultaneously to let us, for example, shoot or run a run, which usually requires the use of L1 or R1 keys, which will have difficulty accessing these buttons on the phone's screen. So this problem can be solved by using virtual keys. The guidance below is explained below.
In some games, we need to keep the R1 stall running (or shooting), which can be done by making the virtual key only once, until the key is activated and running (or shooting) is performed automatically. Clicking this button deactivates the button. To set this type of virtual key, follow the path below.

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