Prison Break free offline game single player

Prison Break free offline game single player

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Famous prison break a free offline game single player
are you looking for great and exclusive android game
let me tell you the good news you just found it
the bad news it is not easy
Try to break out the character from prison
every time tap once to jump and twice to jump higher
and when you touch the wall the player will change direction
till he reaches the exit door while you are playing you will find many kinds
of obstacle try yo avoid them and beat them or you will lose
there are 6 modes of the game and each mode has its 16 levels
that means there are 96 levels
mode EASY
mode medium
mode HARD
mode super hard
mode impossible
mode super impossible
and the is the unlimited world

you have also to try to get points and use them to unlock new player
and we made some free players too

Scofield, Egg, Warrior,Halo,Indian,Ghost ,Rainbow, Skul, Mask, Harry,Robot
,Frank,Trump,Dracula,Mr bread ,Alien,Ninjago,Birdy,Magie,Masko,Harvy,Joker

if you have any game or any improvement idea do not hesitate
to contact us via we will be glad to hear it from you

the game is free
but if you want to buy some features like removing ads or choosing a new player
we keep that optional we do not force you to purchase anything

before you start playing you can check our privacy policy first
it is included in the app

what are you waiting for !!! download the game and enjoy
do not forget to share it with your friends and family

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