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Do you think you are in a first class game?

Do you think you can score in all games?

Do you have a friend who thinks it is unrivaled in all games?

Do you suffer from obesity?

Install this game and introduce those who claim it!

You will be so greedy that you will become lean!


Because this game is so difficult that I just wrote it that I could pass all the steps into three stars.

In-app payments are designed to allow you to pay and continue playing.

Your feedback is an incentive to work, change and further develop this game.

Note: This game is very difficult at some stage.

As soon as it's good to play, we'll add 100 visualizations to the game, which will keep you fascinated after every update.

Buying coins has a supportive aspect; all stages, using their intelligence, can be crossed without coins.

Thank you very much for those who have studied to the end.

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