Dot to Dot: Worlds - Dot Connecting Puzzle Game

Dot to Dot: Worlds - Dot Connecting Puzzle Game

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A world of dot connecting Dot to Dot action in your pocket. Are you ready?


Join players WORLDWIDE and start building 3D worlds in bite-sized arcade style Dot to Dot game play challenges for all ages - from kids to adults!

CONNECT DOTS with simple one-tap gameplay. Carefully time your presses to score a Perfect Tap to bring awesome 3D worlds to life!

WITH OVER 1000 DOTS to connect across 98+ unique stages and 8 worlds, there is so much to connect and build. From spectacular landmarks and beautiful shrines to fun-loving animals and much more!

SNAP AND SHARE your completed worlds! After completing each new world, load up the Photo Mode and take a photo to share with friends and family.

ADD YOUR OWN STYLE with different colour pencils lines and special offers available in the regularly-updated Dot to Dot: Worlds Store!


✍️ Relaxing Game with little chance to fail!

✍️ Connect dots to do uncover all-new beautiful spectacles and art.

✍️ Use Photo Mode to check out the cool sights and take snaps of your favourite builds.


✍️ Great game for Offline Play

✍️ Free to play with skins and customisation options through in-app purchases in the Dot To Dot: Worlds

✍️ Under 100mb download size!

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