Kholase | Summarized audiobooks

Kholase | Summarized audiobooks

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"Kholase" is aimed to be a simple application, to create and raise the good habit of listening to books in people's lives. The app gets up-to-dated all the time with the latest audiobooks.

It also has to be mentioned that using "Kholase" subscription, users will have access to many audiobook contents at the lowest cost.

Listening to audiobooks in every 20 minutes will:

  • Help you be stronger in your job and career, and always be happy.
  • Have a better life using ego psychology books and get a better perspective on different aspects of life.
  • Nutrition and fitness books will help you increase your health.
  • Give your answers to your questions about business and entrepreneurship.

“Kholase” features for its users:

  • The ability to browse interesting and updated categories of books
  • Searching books by subject or title search
  • Ease of use anytime and anywhere
  • Free daily audiobooks
  • Being much less expensive than print and electronic versions of books
  • Added several interesting and updated books to the application
  • High-quality audio files
  • Introducing popular and interesting books in the "most popular section"
  • Get the most out of your books in the shortest amount of time

Books categories in “Kholase”:

  • Psychology
  • Personal development
  • Society and culture
  • Technology
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Entrepreneurship and Business

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