Finice – Money Tracker

Finice – Money Tracker

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Finice helps to keep track of your personal finances. When you buy dinner or coffee just add an expense to the app. It can be done with just one step – tap on a category icon and set amount. How simple is that?

Get Finice money tracker and see how nice finance management can be.

Key features:
Multiple accounts
Follow your expenses in every bank account or wallet you have
Recurring transactions
Create a recurring template for just about every type of transaction and save your time. It just takes one tap more when you add an transaction
Clear, intuitive user interface
We believe user interface should be clean and intuitive, where the most used features are within swipe.
Currency support
Finice supports all most common currencies. Tracking money on travel or vacation has never been easier.
Split transactions
Divide up a transaction into multiple categories
Customizable nested categories
Personalize finance categories and fit your needs.
Instant insight on your finances
Get to know where you are with your expenses with pleasant graph or list.
Free to use
Finice is free to use and not limited in any way

And much more to come:

• Budget management
• Detailed charts and analysis
• User accounts with cloud sync
• Widgets

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