Likes+: Booster for Hearts & Fans

Likes+: Booster for Hearts & Fans

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InsLikes+ Get Likes for Instagram is a free Instalike App to get likes and increase followers for Instagram, to exchange real likes for Instagram post, then you can get more real followers and be more popular.

Come and increase hearts for Instagram Post, such as Valentine's Day posts & Birthday's Post!

Download this InsLikes+ Get Likes for Instagram & Get the following benefits:
💞 Real Instagram likes for free
💞 Get likes on instagram easily
💞 Earn real followers hashtag
💞 Increase Likes for Instagram & be popular
💞 Own more Instagram followers
💞 Finish task to exchange likes
💞 To be famous and popular on Instagram

Increase real likes for Instagram
There is a best way for you to increase hearts for your ins post: you can exchange real hearts for Instagram.

All the Instagram fans want to get more likes for their Ins post, in order to increase the popularity of Valentine's Day posts and bring more romance to lovers, give heart for heart for the Birthday Post. To download this InsLikes+ Get Likes for Instagram App, you would be excited that you can get likes for instagram free and increase likes on instagram. This is not only an ins likes exchanger but also a Instagram followers booster to get followers on Instagram. Download right now!

It is an unofficial application and is not affiliated, endorsed or supported by Instagram companies in any way.
This App will never attempt to like posts unless you give your permission or publish comments or follow anyone from your account.
This App will not have access to your personal data and never attempt to get access to your account or change any of your settings.
For paid products or in-app transactions, we agree to respond to customer support inquiries within 3 working days, and within 24 hours to respond to any support or product issues that Google declares to be urgent.

Refund Policy
Within 48 hours: You may be able to get a refund depending on the details of the purchase.
After 48 hours: Contact us to troubleshoot and find if you can get a refund. We will deal with your problem within 24 hours.

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