Vikings Fight

Vikings Fight

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Defeat the North Wolf and become an ultimate Hero!

Welcome to the Viking Age! Fighter! Be ready to perform in the North Arena as brutal Scandinavian Viking! Make your own way from a simple sea barbarian, living like a Spartan, to the title of Hero of the North!

Northerners know who's real fighters and what's weapons. The sons of the North are always very few, they require more and more performance and every time more sophisticated they are. Defeat your rivals in a deathmatch. But don't just cut it! Demonstrate your combat skills, bravery, intelligence, and strength!

With each round, your enemy is getting stronger than the previous one. To reach the end, you need to have a real fighting spirit than you win! You will be rewarded, Champion!


✔ excellent graphics,

✔ unique fight mode: block the opponent's blow or distract

✔ various tactics

✔ locations: fighting arenas of the cold and severe North

✔ realistic soundtrack

✔ a big assortment of offensive weapons and defensive weapons

✔ a wide alternative of opponents with a different equipment

✔ your opponents are getting more sophisticated and harder

According to the Scandinavian Sagas, the path of the Hero of the North isn't so easy. Throw down your main rival the North Wolf!

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