FakeStory - Story Maker For Instagram

FakeStory - Story Maker For Instagram

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نصب فعال

FakeStory can create fun and unique fake instagram stories for prank and share them with your friends for fun .

You can create who viewed my profile and add different accounts under your story as if you had viewed them. It can be a a famous person or a friend.

You can create your own full screen fake story. The scandal may make it look like you have inadvertently shared a picture or a friend's picture.

You can create a story in the name of someone else. It is as if a famous and certified person can share a photo or video of you or a friend.

You can add snapshots to the photos you took at that moment by using the photos you selected from the camera roll or the photo button inside the app.

FakeStory offers all of these to you free of charge.


Profile of who created my profile, profile photo and viewers list for prank
Create a fake instagram story in your own name for prank
Creating a fake instagram story for someone else for prank

FakeStory is a prank application. It has no tie with actual instagram data.

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