2000 English Words Reader

2000 English Words Reader

Version 7.1
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The Words Reader is a software to keep English vocabulary, which has a 2,300 English words for
IELTS or PTE examinations.

- The
word processor software has a simple appearance, but there are two algorithms
to preserve the vocabulary, which is the first task of depositing words to
short-term memory, and the latter is responsible for translating words into
long-term memory. These two algorithms, along with the most important feature
of this software, is the high speed of permanent storage of words.

vocabulary or vocabulary whose learning process is over and over from the
vocabulary preservation word, and words that are harder to repeat by

- One
of the best features of this software is the optimal use of time consumed. In
such a way that you will be able to use a few short minutes to learn your
language. Of course, the more time you spend, the better you get.

Workers or people who do not have the opportunity to attend classrooms can use
this software to raise their level of language.

Students and students can read their texts into this software, read it, and add
vocabulary that is not preserved in these words to vocabulary algorithms. The
online word meanings of new vocabulary are done by this software.

- If
you need to study English-related English words, you can click on the relevant
button and see its sentences and meanings online in the Oxford Dictionary.

Based on the experiences of other users, with an hour of effort per day within
two months, you can save up to 2,000 words with this software to long-term

- The
user can see the number of words stored in recent days by referring to the
learning statistics section.

- The
user can compare his reading and accent ability with the native accent and see
his reading difficulties so that the user's voice is recorded and played by
pressing the corresponding button and then played back immediately native voice through the software is characterized by user-readings differences with
native accents.

- You
will be able to add new words to this software so that the software adds them
to its repetition algorithms and repeats them for you.

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