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Maybe very often when you're not a club gym workout Guide to growing good sense and not a planner or appropriate because of the brnamah downwards practice today might be forgotten or you're timing a workout is in trouble.

But you can with a training opponent in addition to solve these kind of problems other work done overall.

Functional training tools available in the opponent:

Applied motion 130 video training bodybuilding with the possibility to search by name and filtering based on a bunch of muscle.

Use of practice-ready based on the type of activity.

Making a personal application for smart تایین with half of the most fine details.

The entire practice schedule from beginning to end and access to existing programs when movements training exercises.

The possibility to find the gym Club all around you on the map.

Places a personal workout programs and print all ready included in the software.

Your daily workout program announcement and display the duration of the workout.

Charting the growth of your weight.

Possible to make notes during a workout.

Search the calories contained in the food more than 240 article.

The possibility to search the protein contained in the more than 120 food article.

Determine the time of rest between sets according to the physical format.

Introduce all equipment of the gym.

The introduction of several bodybuilding raised English and Persian books.

And other features of the software that will be applied is definitely for you.

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