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In The Name Of Allah

New version of (ashura 2015 mobile ringtones) will be released for this year with a new name as mahnava for you dear users

What's New :

+ new melodies and also a few from pervious version .
+ possiblity of getting notification massages getting daily grieving songs during months of moharam and safar.
+ new design  -  user-friendly -  new name(mahnava) .

Owner Say:

A big thanks to you all for supporting us in previous version and i hope we get that more in this version too and introduce this app to your family and friends so you can get a share in this.


Developer and Programmer : Mohammadali Mirhamed Rooy
Musician : Hesam khodamehri


Special thanks to Amin MehdiNejad

Festival web and mobile numbers : 3844705

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