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In this series have been tried and complete all the steps for the image to be told. In this tutorial series such as:
1-training Powerpoint completely visual reference
2. Video tutorial word
3. Learn Microsoft Excel
4 Key Tips and keyboard Office
5. video tutorials (in the trial)
Make sure the set is and will be updated and new content Afzayym more to this collection.
For those who do not know what it is and why is it used Office have to say:
When you've taken from your computer, except possibly the word "Windows", repeatedly named software package "Office" also heard.
Office suite, is one of the most complex software components into three categories: office applications (Desktop application), application servers (Server applications) and applications with Internet applications (Internet applications) will be split.
Of course, most famous office because the first part of program production (office applications) is. This part of the components such as Word (Word), Excel (Excel), Access (Access), PowerPoint (PowerPoint), etc. is formed.
Some Office applications:
1.mhasbh of GPA and ... «Excel»
2.thyh of books and articles and research .sakht ... "Word"
3.sakht video clips along with text to depict a project a ... "PowerPoint"
The training in a file apk «can be installed on Android phones" are included without going to class anywhere and you can learn Office.


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