English listening tricks

English listening tricks

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The goal of the  Native  English Speaker

  •    Don't understand English language movies and news?
  •  · Do you see a movie with English subtitles but if you don't have subtitles          the pronunciations are unfamiliar to you?
  •  · Do you not get the required marks in the tests?
  •  · Do you also not understand their questions when communicating with dominant and native people and need to speak or write to understand them?

 If you are one of the people who answered yes to the above questions then you have chosen the right way and with the help of this app's tutorials your problems will be solved and your audio and speech skills will be greatly improved.

When speaking to native speakers, there are rules that come together when words are spoken or muted, creating new sounds as well as using a series of ups and downs, rhythm.  Songs and words that give words and sentences cause ambiguity in hearing that is unfamiliar to you because of the lack of instruction in these rules and tips in the marketplace and learning environments.

the karen_eng _easy team wants to give these rules  with practical examples to improve your listening and speaking skills and make communication more successful. By providing an app installed on your Android phone, these rules and tips are categorized with various examples.  Included in the videos and songs of the original language to make it easier for learners and enthusiasts to learn more easily and to allow readers to browse through the material.

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