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Creation of man + man = applied human nutrition
In fact, human food is medicine and medicine is food for him!
All diseases of the Quran because of mistakes and poor nutrition are to him. No animal's feeding instinctively does not change, no carnivorous animals, even hunger is not vegetarian. Thus, the nature of any sick animals unless the animals have been associated with humans. Man is the only creature that feeds itself and today this all manipulated to have pizza and sausages. Today, doctors believe that food has nothing to do with the disease and the medicine, nutrition and food selection acts only by the Quran.
The most important and most basic Quranic medicine preventing physical and mental goals.
It is more important to prevent than cure.

In this study, recommendations and alternatives can be cured by honey and regime's nature and temperament and health bodied spirit and ...
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I received the application and Actuation ensure that their health and disease will never come to you unless
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