Bug Run Run
نصب فعال
۱۹ مگابایت

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معرفی برنامه

Run fast and achieve your desired score.
Run sneakily through the obstacles coming in your way.
Help out the bug to run. Lead him in his way.

Lead Mr. Bug to go through whatever comes before him because everything is not ok for him. You can only save his life from everything coming in his way. His life is extremely beautiful and previous. He is just waiting for you to play. Though, he is lucky to find the player for him like you.


★ Jump over the trees, cars, snakes and many more obstacles with your
handsome player like Bug.
★ Ultra realistic graphics.
★ Surfing through the legs of bug
★ Cool and powerful gameplay.
★ Bug jumps as it should be.
★ A challenge for everyone.
★ A fast score machine.
★ Time friendly.
★ Easy to handle.
★ Get extra life through rewards.
★ Very Addictive.
★ Special running.
★ On the go.
★ Universal game.
Challenge your friend and show your playing skills with one hand.

With super realistic and natural graphics.

A game for everyone.
So, are you free and ready?
Once played, will be a fan.