Emoji Match

Emoji Match

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🍔 + 👑 = ❓ A new imagination Emoji Puzzle 2 in which you need to connect pairs of emotions by associations. Emoji puzzle game is a new type of word to emoji match puzzle game. In this game requires your mind imagination power and general knowledge about popular terminologies
Competitive but relaxing and addictive gameplay. 🧠

🔥 🔥 🔥 Pass the level by carefully thinking about the relationship between Emoji and matching Emoji
🔸 Hundreds of different Emoji
🔸 Multiple level types
🔸 Each level is well-designed
🔸 Colorful, fun and unique emojis are used
🔸 More than 100 different challenges waiting for you to conquer
🔸 Very simple to play by just using your fingers to swipe and match
🔸 All the emojis will be matched logically that helps you to train your imagination

Download Emoji Puzzle now so you can become an emoji expert. Don't forget to challenge your friends too!