dunmod | Fashion and Apparel Ads

dunmod | Fashion and Apparel Ads

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The Dunmod app and site is a free ad for fashion and apparel requirements, raw materials and accessories.

After launching the fashion and apparel store in the next phase, Dunmod

With the Delicious app, sell your goods wherever you are in Iran or find the goods you want to buy

The Dunmod app can be used to get and provide services and buy and sell goods in various categories such as:

·         Dress

·         Bag

·         shoe

·         Belt

· Accessories and accessories

· Jewelry

· Beauty and health

· Perfume & Cologne

·         Cosmetics

· Fashion and Apparel Raw Materials

· Fittings

· Damnation

· Leather

·         the cloth

For sellers

Take a photo of your product

Place the image and description in an ad in the relevant category in Dunmod.

For buyers

Navigate to the category related to your need

Find the right one among the ads according to the photo and description.

Contact the seller by phone or by visiting the site and social network.

Some of the benefits of Dunmod:

Free ad insertion

Different categories of goods and services

Ability to upgrade your ad to see more

Possibility of inserting site links and social networks

1 hour support 7 days a week

Convenience and ease of use

Have a suggestion or criticism about App Dunmod? Keep in touch with us through the following ways:

Contact support number 02136348813

Website: www.ad.dunmod.com

With Dunmod, the fashion and apparel market is in your hands!

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