dorbin makhfi amnyati

dorbin makhfi amnyati

Version 1.0.7
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Different software for photography lovers subtle
Hours now without a screen shot
Phone is turned on or charging all or phone gets hot
Take photos as custom sizes
Choose front or back camera
Hd video form or size
A floating widget versatile and fast
Security and password on software
Choose a shutter sound
A camera preview on the LCD
A gallery photos and movies
Send files to the communication network
Security photos or videos with the software experience
A hidden camera and advanced security with outstanding personalized settings

without camera image appears on the screen or when you play or do you work with other programs or screen is off, shooting is done!
Some of the features and functionality of the app:
Enable security lock
Password to access the software for security and prevent others Software
Create two separate widget after installing the app icons for quick access to shooting video and photos
Create floating icons intangible widget to take a quick photo or video in the necessary position
Full support for both front and rear cameras
Show crypto recorded files in the Gallery application, or in the gallery
Set the storage for videos on internal memory and external memory depending on user needs
Record and stop recording just a click
On / off flash
Write, execute, or delete the recorded videos from within the app
Extremely advanced personalization and settings for advanced users
Simple settings for all users
Set the desired image size
Different modes Fook
Video resolutions:
Including HD and Full HD video recording with different dimensions and 4 K, as well as conventional devices support different resolution
HD- 720x1280
FULL HD -1920x1080
4K -3840x2160
Note: In this section, try setting the video dimensions based on the resolution of your device.
And much more features to easily be able to have a professional video.

Have any questions? Through online support within the app, please contact us.

In addition, this software only for personal and non-commercial services offered.

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