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♥ Two-player or more
♥ With the ability to play games by category
- Save the game anywhere and reload it

This game is a fantastic game where you can easily experience an attractive and lovely environment. The game has the ability to do two people and you can even have a group of friends with your friends and enjoy it.

Use cheat code
In this program you can automatically use cheat codes (if there is a cheat code) in the game. For the convenience of your loved ones, every cheat code for each game is included in the program by default and follow the path below to use them.
After entering the game, click on the menu button (on the handsets that do not have the menu button on the back button) - from the menu that opens the part - the cheat code -. If there is a cheat code on the new page, you can select the codes you need and activate them. To disable, go through the same path and click on the Disable button.
Set the sound of the game
If the sound of the game is a problem and there is an additional noise, you can follow the path below to correct it.
Enter the settings section at the top of this page --- In the Sound settings section - Sound Quality - Click one of the three options and go back to the game. If the problem still exists, go back to the same path and another option. To be selected

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