Angry Lion City Attack Simulator 2019

Angry Lion City Attack Simulator 2019

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Wild lion is on rampage and revenge missions in all over the city. Play this magnificent thrill action lion simulator 2019 and complete all city revenge missions. Angry Lion City Attack Simulator 2019 is about lion attack in city and wild lion rampage. Play lion simulator & unlock different lion attacks and more features. This lion games is amazing crafted in lion simulator games for all ages with online and offline lion attack game modes. You have to complete all quests to win the lion city battle and city revenge quests of lion simulator 2019. Release your wild animal out and show your wild and angry side! In this animal simulator game, you take control of a furious wild lion that pounces and attacks its prey and city people to create chaos and rampage. The city is full of prey just attack hard on people and your fellow animals and police snipers who are standing for shooting the wild lion become your prey. Sharpen those hunting skills by attacking with your powerful jaws and teeth.  Leap into a thrilling new adventure as a ferocious lion and hunt ruthlessly anything within your sight. Do you like lion survival games or survival simulator of angry lion? Then this lion survival in big city is here to entertain you in grand city. You as angry lion sim 2019 ready to attack your prey whether it’s human or animal. Play this finest wild lion games with city attack and revenge action missions. This city is full of dangers because angry beast lion is ready for revenge in this lion fighting game. This wild animal lion city attack is a complete package for those who love animal hunting, animals shooting and capturing wild animal alive and similar lion simulator games or lion games.  Fight for your survival and run furiously while people are attempting to reign you in. Use your ultimate lion fighting powers for destruction and revenge and destroy vehicles.  Smash cars and terrorize the citizens and neighbors, fight with other street people loaded with different weapons in lion simulator game and lion rampage attack simulator which is best action simulator of lion games 2019. Wild lion will destroy everything comes in its way and utilize your stealth and cleverness to strike hard over army and city police cops. There will be just few innocent citizens, tiger, lions, leopards and other vehicles in the big city which we would have to kill them and hunt them in lion fighting games as a wild lion just like the other 3D lion games & wild simulator.

Angry Lion City Attack Simulator 2019 Features:

• Amazing city to hunt, fight & survival as angry lion.
• Realistic lion animations & bright 3D graphics.
• Start hunting in city & hunt down humans, swat forces shooters.
• Destroy city with intuitive game controls.
• Thrilling prey hunting challenges as safari lion.
• Earn points to customize your lion attacking powers as you want.

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