داستان های پیامبران

داستان های پیامبران

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Qur'anic stories include instructive, readable, and instructive stories that are told through the lives of the prophets.

You know that this Qur'an is the kind of benevolence and advice in which there is no way to deceive and betray. It is a guidance that goes only to the right path, and it is a warner who does not lie. No one sat down with this Qur'an except that something was added to it and something was reduced to it; His insight and guidance diminished, and his misguidance and blindness diminished, and know that after the Qur'an there was no need for guidance, and before the Qur'an, no one was without guidance. So seek healing in your pains and seek help in your hardships, because in this Qur'an, there is a cure for the greatest pains, which is disbelief, hypocrisy, destruction and misguidance.

The stories in this software are told in a very fluent and eloquent language. And in order to complete and report the details of the stories, the documentary narrations of the Infallibles (peace be upon them) and the opinions of some great historians and commentators of the Holy Quran have been used.

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