Virus Busters

Virus Busters

نسخه ۱.۰.۹
نصب فعال
۱۴۲ مگابایت

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Huge numbers of viruses have come in to infect cell villages. The white blood cells left in the village are the only hope against the virus infection.

◼︎ Casual strategy shooting game
A casual yet fierce battle against the virus unfolds.
Get your genes and become stronger to defeat the virus and survive!
Create your own strategy to defeat the virus!

◼︎ Cell village growth
Eliminate viruses and use the vitamins you get to create tissues with special functions and grow your cell village!
Prepare for a virus invasion with a solid cell wall!
Get virus antigen fragments and study antibodies!
Generate white blood cells with different abilities and defeat viruses through cell division!
Find the best combination for virus removal!