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Learning a second language, especially English as an international language, has beneficial effects on the mental, communication, linguistic and emotional development of children. Studies have shown that people who are fluent in a second language do better than monolinguals in doing things that require simultaneous focus. Even children who are exposed to a second language for less than 3 years form different cognitive patterns in their brains than others. In fact, some researchers believe that the best way to have smarter kids is to teach them a second language at an early age.

In addition, teaching English is crucial to the future workforce, and being bilingual can expand the career options for your children.

Many jobs in education, translation, tourism, and international trade require bilinguals to work, and as a result there are more job opportunities for those who can speak a second language.

Our goal in designing this program is to help parents expose their children to English.

Bee is an English language learning program for children between the ages of 3 and 12, with attractive graphics and exciting sounds and is very interesting for children of this age. Bee is a unique product that introduces children to the written, visual and audible forms of English letters in the form of a game. To build this program, we have tried to move away from formal English teaching and integrate it with fun to make the learning process a fun experience for children.

Kids can choose letters (uppercase and lowercase letters), numbers and words in English and select different parts of the bee program. Each section includes visual, auditory, and written forms.


• Visual, aural and written forms of English

• Standard and attractive pronunciation

• Up-to-date and standard content and beautiful graphics

• Various and lovely animations to attract kids

• Kids' popular and fun songs to increase focus

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