MK Royal Defense

MK Royal Defense

Version 1.0.4
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Raiden, God of thunder and protector of the land. His mortal earth in a vague and immeasurable in the endless war against the dark forces has driven. Raiden was determined that no boredom in your search for someone who is worthy of the title deadly struggle continues ...


Mortal Kombat Royal is  an action strategy game in style that is quite a thrill and less similar to that observed sample.

In this game by three fighter Raiden, Johnny Cage and Jackson to fight against the dark forces pay.The fighters with their own unique powers in the process of increasing their strength using reinforcements to fight Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn to go.try to find your strategy and to take steps accordingly.

Game Features
Mortal Kombat use most characters in the game
A unique graphical environment
Wonderful animations for the characters and the environment
Excellent sound and tones for the Dreamcast
Offline play
And ...

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