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Cobble is an augmented reality platform for the visitors and citizens of Maastricht, Netherlands. Let us take you for a walk through this ancient city and help you see it from a new perspective. Currently we are showcasing AR:t international art exhibition.

In these times of uncertainty and new social circumstances, it is important that we explore the possibilities for a different cultural communication and exchange. For this purpose, new technologies are allowing us to push the urban interaction to the new level, something that was not possible just few years ago. The goal of this platform is to become an instrument that allows citizens to perceive the city from an additional perspective and to interact in a novel way.

Art has always been a fertile ground for testing new ideas and that’s why we chose to start this platform with an art project AR:t, while keeping all other aspects of urban life in mind. Together, we are researching the potential and wast possibilities that Maastricht has to offer in this context. This way, the city becomes a platform, and this app is just a door that invites us to step into the hybrid world where physical and digital realities are joined into one inseparable experience.

Cobble is initiated and created by:
:: Cultura Mosae
:: Centrum Management Maastricht