Shemiran Parvaz(Flight Information)

Shemiran Parvaz(Flight Information)

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Airfare apps in a few minutes.

The easiest way to buy cheap tickets charter

To start, you need to search flights to all systems and charter flights are displayed. You can view the best flight after flight times and ticket prices and the capacity to search and choose from among them and pay online bills with all members of the acceleration cards, complete the ticket purchase.

* Just a few minutes.

Tickets will be sent via email or SMS you can search it on the tickets purchased.

The flight Shamiran app features:

* Ability to achieve the best fares for your desired destination

* Ability to view, compare and buy online all domestic flights

* Possibility to buy a plane ticket, no need to register

* Ability to sort search results by price, hours flight capacity

* Displays a list of previously purchased tickets

* Ability to send email and ticket information to someone else's phone

* 24-hour

In the airport an hour before your flight!

Travel agency Flights understanding customer needs and providing policy Shamiran perfect solution to meet these needs; reasonable satisfaction of the customer and maintain it, accelerate service delivery to passengers and increasing trust and communication.

If you have any confusion or questions about the possibilities Shamiran flight just through email and SMS system below to send us your questions quickly SHP your support team will guide you in this case.

SMS: 10006572

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