DreamCatcher - Dream & Sleep Diary

DreamCatcher - Dream & Sleep Diary

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All you need to dream like a pro.

✓ Have you ever wanted to dream of someone you love or miss?

✓ Are you having nightmares which you want to get rid of?

✓ Are you a hopeless adventurer inside with impossible adventures you’re eager to experience?

☞ If so, DreamCatcher is just what you need.

❖ DreamCatcher is an online free dream journal that helps you:

★ Measure your  Lucid Dreaming Ability  with a free and scientifically proven lucid dreaming test.

★ Learn to become a  Lucid Dreamer

★ Avoid  Nightmares  by becoming a lucid dreamer.

★  Decide what you want to dream .

★ Store your dreams  online .

★ Have access to your online dreams no matter where you are.

★ Practice  Dream Interpretation  and become a professional in interpreting your own dreams.

★ Improve your  Sleep Quality  by keeping track of your sleep times.

★ Keep track of your  Dream Properties

★  Remember Your Dreams

✻ DreamCatcher app helps you with your dreaming journey by showing you your improvements as a dreamer via:

⚡️  Ten Levels of Dreaming  which show you your overall progress regarding the degree of your  lucid dreams , how many dreams you’ve kept track of. The more you enter your dreams and measure your lucidity in the dreams, the higher will be your chances to learn and become a lucid dreamer. ⚡️

✨✨✨  The dreamcatcher shown in your profile page represents you as a dreamer. As you progress and gain more dreaming skills, it will also start to change and become more elaborated, just like you.  ✨✨✨

✻ So, try to  improve  your dreamcatcher which is a symbol of you and your dreaming skills.

✻ The lucid dreaming questionnaire used in this app is scientifically tested in psychological researches and is one of the common tools for measuring the degree of lucid dreaming in test subjects of  neuroscientific  and  psychological  studies.

✻  REMEMBER:  Just like any other skill, becoming a professional lucid dreamer requires time and effort. So, try to write down your dreams immediately after you wake up and just before leaving your bed.

☞ Please, don’t hesitate to contact us via info@catchydreams.com.

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