Contacts recovery

Contacts recovery

Version 4.3
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Do you like your phone contacts already cleared back again !!!

Do you like backup of your contacts, and do not worry about deleting them?

Do you like your contacts turned into Exel file you !!!!

For example, you can use the capabilities of the program phone numbers and cartoons customers through Excel file compatible with your phone easily enter and save.

with calls to restore backup files ...

Delete individual or collective contacts:


- Nice and simple application to quickly add contacts to the contacts list (Phonebook)

-Mytvnyd Backup files individually use

Support unlimited contacts stored in your Dstgahmkhatbyn Professional Knydamydvarm management in the use of this program have the necessary precision.

The program has a simple physical and psychological violence. This program is designed so that even to import a large audience (eg, thousands or even millions of) also work correctly.

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