body building exercises

body building exercises

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This program is more than just a personal trainer for fast muscle building.

You will feel a change in your body within a few weeks of continuing your workout at home.

Exercise at home provides daily exercise for all of your core muscle groups. Without having to go to the gym, you can build muscle and maintain fitness just by spending a few minutes a day at home. All exercises without the equipment or trainer will only be done with your body weight.

Stretching and warm-up exercises are also designed to make sure you exercise in a scientific way. Moving images for each exercise helps to make sure you do it correctly.

This program includes exercises for the abdominal, chest, thigh, arm and hip muscles and exercises for the whole body. All of these exercises are designed by experts. None of the exercises require equipment and therefore no need to go to the club. Although these exercises only take a few minutes a day, they can effectively form muscles and help you build a sexy pack at home.

Our workouts include detailed sets, repetitions, times, speeds and rests to help you reach your fitness goal.


* Tensile and warm-up movements

* Automatically record progression of exercises

* Weight loss process tracking chart

* Customize exercise training reminders

* Animated images guide with detail description

* Weight loss with personal trainer

* Share with friends on social networks

* Personalization settings of the whole application

* Includes BMI

* Calculate your BMI

* Daily and monthly calendars for exercise

* Voice guidance during workouts

* Has feedback option

If you would like to send us feedback and suggestions, we will respond as soon as possible.

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