Trito's Adventure

Trito's Adventure

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Trito’s match 3 Adventure is a new match 3 puzzle tile matching game for the entire family!

We currently have a total of 5 chapters with around 640 levels to complete. A new chapter with more levels will be available 21 July 2018 as announced on our Facebook page :)

Play the latest matchy matchington match 3 on the market. Make a journey to legendary Greece where Gods and Heroes reign in their mansions! Help Trito, son of Poseidon, to save his family and the entire underwater kingdom from the intrigues of sly Sea Witch. Wicked sorceress has charmed the Sea God like a toy, broke his trident and scattered its fragments across the ocean!

Only Trito can bring peace, harmony and reign back to the ocean depths. Move, combine and match 3 or more tiles of the same kind in order to complete a level to gain more magical energy to complete numerous tasks.

Clean up and renovate the houses and mansions of various underwater creatures

Decorate with toon and toy and rid the sea floor garden of pesky sea critters

Bring live and reign into the ocean depth once again as it used to be before the arrival of the sea witch!

Immerse yourself in a vibrant ocean world full of great matchington mansion with Trito and his best friend little octopus Octy. Help unique underwater creatures, restore magnificent sea gardens and bring fabled underwater cities back to glory and under the reign of Poseidon! Huge whales, wise turtles, elusive seahorses are amazing parts of Trito’s Match 3 Adventure!

- Extraordinary combination of fascinating storyline and challenging match-3 puzzle;
- Plenty of majestic underwater cities and mansion to explore on different planets;
- Funny and memorable toy, toon and characters of sea creatures;
- Hundreds of unique challenging match-3 tile matching levels;
- Newest cartoon graphics and incredible animation;
- Marvelous animated charismatic boosters to blast and crush the level.

Use magical toon blast of fairy fish-boosters to clear difficult levels. Dancing crabs, jet-powered sea horses, explosive fugu fish and spooky seadevil anglerfish are there to help you complete fishy tile puzzle!

Grow seaweed and coral gardens, create exclusive fish, collect jewels, use magic gems, blast and crush pure ancient evil and stop volcanic eruptions in our new tile matching match-3 puzzle game!

Be sure to complete the various tasks involved in landscapes, homescapes, gardenscapes and seascapes! 

It's matchy, it's catchy and it's matchtastically machington madness!

*** Don't Forget to Complete 2 Mini Events For Rewards ***

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