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Billboard main features:
    •    Join a big business platform and find a large community of people, businesses and professionals.
    •    Discover best sellers, shops and businesses. 
    •    See what business events or trends are getting viral. 
    •    Browse through beautiful photos of each business. 
    •    Follow your interests, favorite products, events, sales and your various needs real time. 
    •    Window shopping is much faster and simpler with billboard!
    •    Comprehensive content about any business topic, service or product. 

- Connect
    •    Get suggestions by billboard based on your interests. 
    •    Connect to new people and business. Sync your contacts to find friends currently on bilboard or invite more. 
    •    Chat with your customers, partners and followers
    •    Answer their business inquiries. 

    •    Find the newest and most recent events and great deals of business around you. 
    •    Search for nearby businesses, products, services and professionals. 
    •    With billboard advanced search filters find the exact match of your requirement meeting your criteria’s. 
    •    Take a breath and lean back, billboard will do the search for you!
    •    Map based search to display your desired results on map for easy access. 

    •    Customize your billboard with amazing cover and profile photos
    •    Complete your information about you and your business and get higher visibility. 
    •    Look back at your activities, likes, shares and comments 

- Notifications
    •    Find out who started following you real time. 
    •    Discover which of your products are liked or bid. 
    •    Respond to comments or reviews and be alerted to with customer inquiries and questions. 
    •    Get geo-location notifications and explore what interests you have not explored yet.

- Monitor 
    •    Review, monitor and improve your billboard performance
    •    Get analyze reports, daily, weekly or monthly and manage the success of your brand. 
    •    Compare the success of your campaigns in your online billboard with other channels.

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