Cute Rabbit Face

Cute Rabbit Face

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★ Cute Rabbit Face is the best Rabbit Face photo editor with 600+ FREE cute rabbit face and cute cat face stickers!
♡ Rabbit Face is only for girls who loves cute face app photo effect and kawaii!
♡ Rabbit Face is awesome photo editor with tons of sweet muzzle face stickers, rabbit ears stickers, bows stikers, sweet hearts stickers!
♡ Rabbit Face helps you to create sweet rabbit face photo with cute face filters!
♡ Rabbit Face has amazing collection of cute stickers for the best selfie and rabbit face photo montage!
♡ Rabbit Face is very easy to use and absolutely free!
♡ Create fun photo with pink bunny ears or bows on photo, applay cool effects, add Rabbit muzzle on photo just in 10 sec!
♡ Create cute Rabbit wallpaper with Rabbit Face effect!
♡ Add Rabbit or cat ears stickers, rabbit muzzles stickers, cat mouth stickers, cute glasses stickers or sweet heart stickers on photos with Rabbit Face!..
♡ Add text to photos and create your funny pictures with Rabbit Face!

★ Cute Rabbit Face has tons of cute face stickers:
♡ 40+ cute ears stickers on photo - add cute rabbit ears, cat ears, puppy ears or add deer horns stickers on face photo!
♡ 40+ cute muzzles on photo - add cat muzzle on photo, rabbit face stickers, mouse muzzlez or cute teddy bear muzzle
♡ 40+ cute mouth stickers - add mouth, add lips, add tongue on face photo
♡ 40+ bows stickers
♡ 40+ glasses stickers - add cute girl glasses on photo, pink glasses on photo, heart glasses stickers on photo
♡ 40+ heart stickers - add cute heart stickers on photo

★ Rabbit Face is very easy to use:
♡ Take a new photo or select one from your gallery
♡ Select one of Rabbit Face Camera stickers
♡ Select other super Rabbit Face Camera stickers which you want to add to the Rabbit face photo
♡ Zoom in, zoom out, rotate, adjust stickers, add text on photo
♡ Save your cute photo in the photo gallery
♡ Share your kawaii photos with your friends and family in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WatsApp and other social networks.

★ In addition, you can change the photo settings
♡ Awesome filters
♡ High-resolution photos
♡ Excellent performance - photos are created within 1-2 seconds
♡ Add text to photo
♡ Many magical art effects
♡ Brightness
♡ Contrast
♡ Saturation
♡ Blur
♡ temperature
♡ Shadows / Highlights
♡ Cropping
♡ Focus
♡ HDR Effect

★ Rabbit Face is absolutely free:
♡ No paid content
♡ No registration
♡ No coins
♡ All for FREE

★ Download Rabbit Face 2017 right now absolutely free and make your first amazing Rabbit Face selfie photo!

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