Types of jelly and cakes and sweets

Types of jelly and cakes and sweets

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With the absolutely free installation of this program without the need for the Internet and with very little volume, you can learn a lot of ways to make a variety of pastries, sweets, jelly and ice cream with the least amount of time and money and use them at home and after Learn to order and make money.

Instead of spending money on buying cakes and desserts in Nowruz, birthday, Yalda Night, parties and occasions, you can cook with sweets and healthy cakes and cook your favorite cuisine with the least facilities and Keep them always on your phone.

In this program, you can prepare a variety of ice creams without having to have an ice cream machine and also provide the most beautiful jelly in the jelly. In the cake section, it has been tried to prepare a variety of cakes without oven and also with oven for various tastes, such as diet, fruit, cocoa, simple ... and with the easiest method and the least time, and in the pastry section Bake traditional traditional Persian and foreign and modern cookies.

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