royal king(arna 9 dar yek hafte)

royal king(arna 9 dar yek hafte)

Version 96آپدیت خرداد ماه
Active installs

The program is open to any straw Royal necessary

* Royal stubble tricks

* Combination of superior stubble Royal ( A combination of the test was 27 (just enough practice))

* The latest news about game updates and how to bottle up with new forces(With regular updates)

Do you want a very short time become a better overall?

So stay with us until the end of the program.




+ Ability to program online (download and add an interesting new content

* Synchronization of content with new updates

* The best training tips for beginners

* Note for attack and defense training

* Learning to deal with dangerous cards Arena



Advanced settings let the evening when you read a text, change the text background color that would not bother your eyes :)

In this program all the necessary training for professional've put the game ahead of the rest of your friends and find out more Level!

We're getting more confident with your positive opinion for updating the program

Sources: English-language site and my own experience in this game

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