Flash on call and SMS: flash light

Flash on call and SMS: flash light

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flash on call and SMS: flash light get a flashlight for every text message alert with a flash light alert for messenger , sms call or other social media apps notification and any app you choose , it’s already works for I phone flash alert , now available for android  devices. flashlight alert enables camera flash for led torch sms notification alerts on call & sms. When you get an incoming international call sms, mms or any other notification flashlight gives you amazing led torch flash alerts. This flash light hero on call & sms is ultimate flash light which activates automatically light to get your attention on any notifications alerts you choose. Brightest flashlight alert gives flash notification alerts. torch light is free and amazing flashy alerts

flash on call and SMS: flash light 🔦 can help of this led flash hero you can’t miss any more call & sms from friends and family members. This torch will help you incoming calls. msg text. Select your for every activity to know what notification enter in your phone like I phone example, so you can customize for every android app It’s properly flashlight or fastest flashlight and blinking with multi- flash time .

Flashlight blinking/flash alert on Call and SMS message app is user friendly and really easy to use. Ultimate Flash light on Call and Flash light on SMS has a variety of options included in it. Fach Blink interval and Flash blink on missed call smart notifications count on incoming call and SMS can be controlled within this flash on call and sms App.


★ Turn the flashlight alert blinking ON or OFF with a single one tap button inside the application.
★flashlight blinking alert on incoming calls.
★Flashlight blinking alert on Incoming SMS.
★Turn on flashlight on call & sms torch effect flashlight ON or flashlight OFF with one tap button inside the flash hero flash application.
★flashlight alert on calls and sms with amazing led torch flash arduino effects.
★flash launcher and call themes, lights is colourful sms feature in flashlight.
★light app for call and sms adjustment and flash call & text flash on call & sms alert, , flashy alerts
★flash launcher & flash screen, flashlight & led light sms alerts
★ Ultimate flash alert2 timings adjustment on sms, LED torch on call, rapid flash blinking
★ Brightest flashlight, that regulate led torch flashlight alerts, flashy alert on sms
★ Colourful flash on call and sms, torch, 7 flash arduino on call and text
★Ringing flashlight on call
★Screen flashlight

flash on call and SMS: flash light

💫 New Camera Flash arduino & flashlihgt:Camera LED torch light, cool flashlight on call, 7 flash arduino
💫 Normal Flash: flashlight, flash on call and sms led torch flashy lite
💫 brightest light effects (LED flashlight alerts): Slide, LED Sign, LED Torch light on sms, 4 flashlight
💫 Emergency light effects: Strobe light, fach, multi light, warm light, torch lite, flash hero
💫 Very fun flashlight effects: light show, colour light, Rainbow, flash+light, torch light

💪💪 📥 Hit the download button and 📥 Install our brightest flashlight . And don’t miss more call & sms from friends and family members and don’t forget to give 5 star 💯 rating to help developer and boost our app. And provide your feedback we will resolve the problems and brings improvement in next update!!THANKS ❤❤️
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