farmer girl

farmer girl

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The most challenging thing is that sheep Take the cattle, take cows and take care of the laying hens. The agricultural and egg products are green and environmental poultry and receive orders every day from all over the world. All goods must be sent to customers at the specified time, so I need to help my grandfather. As we all know, we have to wear simple and comfortable clothes in the field. So my grandfather has prepared clothes and supplies for me. Come to experience the same with you.

• Game features:

1. Go to the garden and plant some fruits. The fruit can be stoned, so do not try to do it, this will make many fruits disappear.

2. My parents prepared beautiful clothes for me. I can wear beautiful and comfortable clothes for working in agricultural fields.

3.There are  land where no crops grow there. I want to use my favorite product here. Please help me move the rocks, remove the weeds and throw the mice away.

4. Choose the products you like, put them on the ground, water them, fertilize them, and destroy the pests. Take care of them and have a good look.

5. Go to grandparents and help grandfather deliver the goods.

6 Take care of the animals to the farm. It is also very interesting to milk milk, help sheep to trim and wool, and care for chicken that hatch.