MoneyMate - Money Tracker, Saver & Budget Planner

MoneyMate - Money Tracker, Saver & Budget Planner

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🥇Merry Christmas! MoneyMate - Money Tracker Free App helps you manage your personal finance: track expenses & incomes, plan your budget, save money easily for different purposes, and get a report concerning your finance. Finally, you can know where your money went and establish a reasonable standard of living by reducing impulse consumption and rationally distributing incomes.

💰With the simple and new user-friendly UI and UX design, you can finish tracking every expense or income in 3s! Just a few steps to input the amount and expense or income category, and it's all DONE! A money tracker and saver in your pocket. Anytime, anywhere.

🎉Being confused with your financial situation? MoneyMate provides various graphic reports to help you have a clear overview of your expenses, incomes & budgets: Pie Chart, Bar Chart, and Line Chart, etc, like your own money management expert!

🏆It’s all about getting control of your life and planning for the future, starting with tracking the daily expenses and incomes via MoneyMate, NOW! Let's track your spending with MoneyMate for shopping, eating out, gas fee, rent, holiday travel, education, family cost, anniversary, small business expenses or any other expenses you might have.

【Key Features】
✔️ User-Friendly UI & UX Design
Easy to understand, simple to use, extremely quick to have an overview of your finance.

✔️ Expenses and Incomes Tracker
Record daily expenses and income with few taps. Log and categorize every expenditure over the course of your day, and the app will show you where your money went on informative charts.

✔️Budget Planner
You can create a monthly budget or multiple category-budgets to avoid impulsive consumption. MoneyMate will plan you a reasonable budget and make it easy to practice. Keep your money in your pocket and take control!

Money Saver

Set saving goals. According to the saving goal, MoneyMate will give you a saving plan including your daily consumption limit and category budgets, automatically update your balances as you progress towards your goal, and remind you with an alert when you are close to overspending. According to the saving plan, we can help you achieve the saving goal and spend money in a better way.

✔️ Chart Analysis
Expense and income can be counted according to different time dimensions and categories. Moreover, data can be presented in a variety of ways such as a pie chart, line chart, and bar chart. With the chart, you can have a clear overview of where your money comes from and how you spend it.

✔️ Offline Record Mode
MoneyMate has an offline database which allows you to record spending and update balance anytime, anywhere, with or without the internet.

✔️ Timed Reminder
Set the time reminder, MoneyMate app will remind you of tracking expenses & incomes transactions on time every day in case that you forget. Never miss any expense or income record!

✔️ Multiple Currencies
Change currency with an easy interface of MoneyMate, making it perfect for traveling, business trip or transnational business.

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