Bamilo - Seller Center

Bamilo - Seller Center

Version 1.3.4
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Bamilo Seller App makes selling on Bamilo easier than ever before. If you run the inline app, you can register as a seller in less than a minute, and start your sell. 

 Bamilo Seller Center App makes it more convenient than ever to monitor your business anywhere at any time. Use the mobile app to respond to growing customer demand at Bamilo with swiftness and ease. This application makes it easier than ever to sell online
1. Get instant alerts for new orders
2. View your Pending Orders and mark your orders as ready-to-ship, shipped and completed.
3. Track your orders processing
4. Update stock count and pricing for your listings on 
5. Edit and publish listings directly from the Seller App. 
6. Take part to Promotion campaigns with a single touch

Download now and send us feedback right from within the app. Update the app regularly to access new features. Happy selling on Bamilo!

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