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The online bodybuilder app aims to raise the awareness of the community about fitness, into the mobile app market and in various sports fields, including counseling, training, introducing sports supplements, offering training programs, answering general and specialized questions from athletes, Physical tests such as body full analysis, ideal weight, muscle mass and body fat, daily caloric intake, BMI, BMR, sports tests such as T-TEST, ILLINOISE, WALL-SIT, PLANK, VERTICAL-JUMP and, of course, maximum power test Muscle in bodybuilding (one repetition - 1RM) and ... along with the latest news and articles of the world of sports, providing pictures and educational videos and music. Motivational, also a comprehensive bank of common tools, exercises and various sports training programs, is ready to support a wide range of cybercafe users.


اضافه شدن بخش دریافت برنامه جهت استفاده کاربران

تغییرات در بخش ویدئو جهت نمایش بهتر فیلمها

تغییر جزیی در نمایش فرم برنامه تمرینی.

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