Connect the gamepad to Mobile

Connect the gamepad to Mobile

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In the name of Allah

Comprehensive training program and video game controller connection to mobile

Mobile gaming is very hot discussion for some time and has attracted fans of their own. In addition, many of the games released also acceptable graphics and features that the popularity of these games.

But one of the major problems in this game, especially if your smartphone screen on the estuary of the small size is difficult to control and direct the game which has its own disadvantages.

So if you are pro-install the game and play with Android devices Be sure to notice the difficulty of using the controller touch the game at your disposal will have one of the most important factors that will not allow you to enjoy the game console on your Android device, but experience it, freedom is there when you do play Android games by category

This program is a program for those who want to connect a variety joystick or gamepad to their smartphone.


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