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Neshano is a location based service software that allows people share their locations and send addresses to others in a simple and free environment. In Neshano users can customize their own profiles by setting pictures and nicknames. Location sharing with Neshano is very simple. Only by sending share requests to people; locations will be shared between them. Sending live addresses and live chats during location sharing are two important features of the Neshano. Address sending in Neshano is also very simple. Users can send addresses to others only by selecting the address from the map and send it to other people. Sent and received addresses and location sharing requests are easily manageable with Neshano.

With Neshano find your friends, jobs and people much more easily than before.

+Users can set and customize their profiles

+Users can send addresses to others by simply selecting an address from the map.

+Users can share their locations with others.

+Users can send messages with their addresses.

+Users can do live chat during location sharing.

+Users can see directions to their sent and received addresses.

+Users can simply manage sent and received addresses and location sharing requests.

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